January 28, 2020

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is an eclectic, vibrant space available to hire – a perfect venue for artists to showcase their work, hold a preview evening and run workshops during an exhibition.

The exhibition hall at the Maeldune is roughly 15 x 20 ft with ample hanging space for 50+ paintings, depending on the size, window sill space and display tables available for the floor space.  

The exhibitions throughout the year run consecutively from February in three week slots and the price of hire, including a preview evening, set by the Maeldune Trust is deliberately modest to support our local artists rather than make a profit.  

The first exhibition in 2020 will be a showcase of some of the artists from 2019 who we are very grateful to for their support.  

The Maeldune Heritage Centre welcomes new and returning artists to exhibit with us.   

To find out more contact : 

Lynda O’Brien, Centre Manager on 01621 851628, 

Email: info@maelduneheritagecentre.co.uk.  

Visits our website to see previous exhibitions: www.maelduneheritagecentre.org

Programme for 2020

Our Programme for 2020 is full

Programme for 2021

To follow.  Spaces are still available